Sore throat ambiguity

Patient: I went to an urgent care for a sore throat, they did a strep test and it was negative, then a urine test unrelated and and was good too, she said it was viral but i never asked about std, would they have been able to tell from either of those tests if I had an std infection? would they have noticed something without me asking about it directly?

Symptoms: Sore throat, ear ache

Doctor: Thank you for your question. A rapid strep test can only test for streptococcal bacterial throat infections. Furthermore , a urine test in the context of diagnosing pharyngits (sore throat), can be used to support a bacterial infection if the strep tests were to be falsely negative. Since these were negative your doctor probably concluded that symptomatic treatment of your sore throat will be best. Sexually Transmitted Infections cannot be detected with a urine test unless specifically ordered by the doctor. If you may be concerned that you could have contracted a sexually transmitted infection, please return to your doctor to undergo the appropriate testing.Thank you for choosing