Sore Throat tested negative, Hard to breath, Talk, eat or swallow

Patient: I went to the doctors today to get tested for Strep Throat, the test came back negative. I am having a ridiculously hard time breathing, eating, swallowing, talking. Why?

Symptoms: Coughing, hard time breathing, high pitched breathing, wake up several time in the middle of the night due to hard breathing

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.I hope the doctor has examined you and ruled out tonsillitis and peri tonsillar abscess w hich are the common possibilities for your symptoms. The causes of sore throat could be bacterial, viral or even a lower respiratory tract infection.The remedies lie in following some basic steps, warm saline gargles 3 to 5 times a day after food, chewing on lozenges with dextromethorphan, steam inhalations will help you. You may also consider using inhalers with steroid content to reduce the inflammation, which may give you symptomatic relief. Discuss with your doctor about empirical antibiotics. Keep yourself hydrated. Viral causes take 2 weeks to completely heal. Avoid exposure to dust, fumes and pollen which may trigger a sore throat or an allergic reaction.Hope this helpedRegards