Spasms on lower chest on left side

Patient: I have spasms at lower chest with a light tickle/prick occasionaly , this just started a month r two ago.. just wanted to ask if this had something to do with my heart or lungs or is it just muscle spasms.. i also started working out 2 months ago and i am continous at it.. i dont have any breathing troubles or fatigue, my heart rate when i check in these occasions are normal.. also i do some occasionaly.. just wanted to know your suggestion..i am 31 years old.

Symptoms: Just occasional spasm at lower chest and light shoulder pain , which now is not often ,just sometimes at some sleeping positions or when i lift heavy weights in the gym..

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD. Occasional spasm and have recently started working out suggest this is musculoskeletal in ori gin rather cardiac. Pain is not typical of angina and it is uncommon at this age without any strong risk factors. Try pain killers or antispasmodic medicines available OTC. If the pain is persisting or increasing in intensity, consult your physician for further workup. Wishing you all the best.