Sperm agglutination present in my semen analysis.

Patient: Hello,My semen analysis shows:liquefaction time= 40 minsvolume= 2.5 mlph= 7.8sperm concentration= 90 million/mlpercentage motility= 75%Grade A (progressive motile)= 50%Grade B (non progressive motile)= 25%Grade C (immotile)= 25%Agglutination = POSITIVEPus cells= 1-2 hpfEpithelial cells= few hpfNormal morphology= 85%Semen fructose= PositiveI am really worried about the agglutination of sperms in my semen but since all other parameters are in normal range would it hinder my chances of fathering a child? Is my semen analysis normal? Is there anything to worry about?regards.

Symptoms: Sperm agglutination

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Sperm agglutination can occur due causes like infection, sperm s antibodies etc.As there is no more number of pus cells in your analysis, the possibility of infection is less.Vitamin C and zinc supplements can decrease sperms agglutination to some extent.If needed you can go for artificial reproductive measures with sperms washing, which can be done at infertility clinic and can increase the possibility of pregnancy.Other seminal parameters are almost in normal range.Please consult your doctor once, get evaluated to find out the possible cause of agglutination and then treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care.