Sperm analysis report

Patient: Kindly interpret my sperm count result:MACROSCOPIC EXAMINATION.Color–whiteViscosity –slightly increasedTotal volume –1.1 mlPh– 8.0Specific gravity 1.005Liquefaction time– 28 minsMICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION.RBC –0-1 /hpfWBC –5-10 / hpfEpithelial cells –0-1 / hpfSperm concentration –H 239.6 million /mlSperm count — 263.6 mil / ejaculateMotile –70 % ( 10% minimal forward progression, 20% poor to fair motility , 30% good activity with tail movement visualized, 10% full activity, tail movement difficult to visualize)Non-motile —-30%Normal morphology —91%Abnormal morphology —9% (4% pinhead, 3 % tapered head, 2% coiled tail)Hope to hear from you soon,Thanks so much

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From the semen analysis report it looks that the semen parameters are normal but the fertiliz ation potential of the spermatozoa are important in order for your couple to achieve a conception. If it has been more than a year your couple have been planning to conceive & failed to achieve a conception it is advisable to opt assisted reproductive technologies like IUI or IVF under the guidance & medical assistance of a fertility specialist.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.