Sperm in pre ejaculation?

Patient: I’m 18 years old and confused. I started my last period on August 11, then had unprotected sex on August 23. It only lasted around a minute before my common sense came back into play. Therefore my boyfriend did not ejaculate, but there was probably pre ejaculation.I’ve done a lot of research on sperm in pre ejaculation. Many websites said there is, and more said there isn’t. I normally have a normal 28 day cycle. And I’ve been worrying myself sick wondering my chances of being pregnant. I know only time can tell. Any information would be very much appreciated. I searched the website prior to entering my question, but did not find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Doctor: Certainly there is sperm in Pre-ejaculation fluid; however it is present in a small percentage compared to a regular eja culation which contains approximately 100 million sperms/ml. We can find around 3 million per ml in Pre ejaculation fluid.This would definitely lower the chances of pregnancy tremendously but still there is a chance. Another important point is the fact that you had sex on the most fertile days of your cycle in which your cervix mucus is very smooth and favors the passage of sperm. Still, in my opinion, I think the chances of you becoming pregnant are minimal but I would suggest you to use a contraceptive method especially if you are having sex on the most fertile days during ovulation. I wish you the best.