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Sperm leaking while sleeping

Patient: Hi doctor am 21 years old am having frequent nightfall problem if i go to any doctor they say its absolutely normal but what i feel my sperms gets released very early and quality also became like watery how can i improve my health and what ayurvedic medicine can prevent this i dont want to go it to worse condition please help me



Symptoms: Feeling weak and having under eye bag



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your history and understood your concerns.To recapitulate: Young 21 years old man from Mumbai has frequent nightfalls – Doctors say this is normal – You also feel – sperms get released very early – quality also became like watery.Wants to improve my health and also want Ayurvedic medicine.Your Doctor is absolutely right in some sense.I would like to know a few details before I can assist you more:Are your married ?Do your Masturbate?Did you have sex anytime till now?How much time do you think it takes to release the sperms?How much time do you think it should require?Please provide the answers so that we can continue discussion till you are satisfied and well assisted, I promise.

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Patient: I am not married and I never had sex with anyone yet. I used to Masturbate twice a month when I was 16 years old and I stopped after two years but this god damn night fall problem is killing me for last 7 years I even thought of ‘why should I even live in this world if I can’t control this sperm leak? ‘ it’s killing me like anything else can you explain me clearly why this happening and what can I do to avoid this I don’t wanna get ruined by testing the timing but I wanna know why this happening and how to avoid this and how can I get back the strong healthy sperm and what about my eye bag problem it looks like its because of masturbation pls help me suggest me some medicine

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Let us clear some misinformation that you have.
The night fall is an eminent thing that will occur in every male with a normal prostatic function. This is akin to the tears in eyes on feeling too sad or too good and watering of the mouth on smelling or seeing the most liked foods.
I hope you are getting my point.
When the prostate is going to be filled with its normal secretions, where can it go?
Obviously through the natural route and that is through the urethra.
It is the God’s creation, if the release does not occur you will suffer from Prostatic congestion, prostatitis and prostatic abscess. Very difficult to treat.
So night fall is not a problem but a normal occurrence in all the normal males.
Now it is up to you to accept it or….
There are ways to control this, the night fall.
– Regular masturbation.
– Getting married and have regular intercourse.
Have you ever got the semen analysis? This is the only way to see whether you have strong healthy sperm or not.
Eye bags:
They can come due to overwork, late night, anxiety ans so on,; control all these things and you may get better. It has nothing to do with masturbation.
Do not have mis-information. You an certainly google authenticated sites and search and know the truth; consult an Urologist or a Counselor in Sex related matters.

Patient: OK I read something about nightfall in Google that the parasympathetic nerve due to severe Masturbation this nerve gets damaged and during sleep it couldn’t keep the valve close that’s why sperm is leaking out and my penis also became very small how can I get it back to normal am taking the following medicines let me know is it good to take these medicines
Dharmanis night fall cure two tablets per day
And dharmanis shilajit extra strong. Two tablets per day
Both of above are ayurvedic medicines

Doctor: It is good that you have got some knowledge through google. Please go to the links that talk about this as a physiological happening and not pathological.
-May I know please know the problem you have / are facing due to nightfall?
– If you are not masturbating or stimulating the penis to become fully erected , how is it possible to know that the penis has become small or not?
It is measured only on full erection.
_Night fall cure will help you to suppress the feelings and at the same time you are taking Shilajit , a potent stimulant.
Both have opposite functions.
Please follow the advise I have given Before. Consult the expert in this field.
I hope this answer helps you.

Patient: When I wake up some times in the morning I saw my penis is fully erected it’s above six. Inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter . and today too I had a nightfall and I saw that my sperm was little bit white in colour and it’s was little more thicker than before..
And what did you say about that opposite functions can you explain me clearly

Doctor: Good at least you realized , something is normal. So at least one part is absolutely normal and hence you do not need medicines fr the erection and size at least.
Do not worry about the color and consistency of the sperms (semen) this too is normal.
Do you really think you need a medicine for this, I do not .
You are taking some Ayurvedic medicines you mentioned above, I an not a master of Ayurveda, but from whatever I know you should consult an Ayurveda specialist before you take medicines like Dharmanis night fall cure two tablets per day ; And dharmanis shilajit extra strong. Two tablets per day
Both of above are ayurvedic medicines. Get a confirmation before you take some medicines. These two medicines might have opposite actions.

Patient: But some ayurvedic doctors says that sperm leaking is a disease we have to control that or else it could have spoil our sexual health completely . why they say so?? But I always noticed that all allopathy doctors says that sperm leaking is normal not only that but you are telling to masturbate too . why there are two kinds of state ment between ayurvedic and allopathy
And by saying that we will have to masturbate frequently are you 100 percent sure that it wont weaken any nerve system to worse condition can you explain about this clearly

Doctor: How can I explain why Ayurvedacharya say so?
Masturbation done properly / sex does not cause any weakening, On the contrary keeps the mind, body fresh.
You are discussing about some natural process. You are questioning some natural happening.
No it does not weaken any nerves r nervous system .
Ans I have not asked you to masturbate- we talked about the solution for nightfall…
Go with the natural instincts, boss.

Patient: K when we are normal how the penis should be ?
Mine is very thin and it’s became very soft during normal time. and balls are also I noticed not both of them are on same level some time one goes down and one is up after some time it’s happening vice versa. Can you explain why this happening is it normal??

Doctor: You may please ask a fresh question.

Patient: Hi doctor please tell Me what can I do about eye bags problem

Patient: Hi doctor please tell Me what can I do about eye bags problem

Doctor: Hi.
As per the policy, you already have crossed the limits of 3 follow-up. Please you can post your further queries as a fresh, new query. The discussion is closed here. Please do not add anything to this further.
Thanks you being part of ATD family.


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