Sperm might’ve been near her vagina. Can she get pregnant?

Patient: I was with a girl and I was fingering her. I ejaculated and to our knowledge no semen was on her. I then removed my hand which had semen on the back of it but not on the vagina. We went on to wipe the sperm. I may have given her a used a napkin- a napkin that had a little semen on it to wipe on top of her vagina. I don’t remember if I gave her a new napkin or not, but she did say that she did not wipe the napkin inside her vagina at all. Then she used a clean napkin to wipe all the way inside. I did not penetrate her at all and from what we saw there was no semen near her vagina. The girl is about 10 days away from her next period and is 19 years old. She has regular periods. What I am concerned about is the napkin that may have had the sperm on it. Will she get pregnant? Plus should we use the plan B pill? We do not want any long term side effects.

Symptoms: None.

Doctor: Hello,Firstly as she has already been 10 days post missed periods it is advisable that she should get a urine pregnan cy test done to rule out pregnancy . The pregnancy may be a possibility after using sperm smeared napkin use over vagina even though there had been no penetration. If the pregnancy test is negative , then she is safe .Plan -b is an emergency contraceptive pill whitish should be using within 72 hours of sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and it is not an abortifacient and cannot cause abortions for accidental or unplanned pregnancies. There are separate group of drugs available only on prescription used for medical termination of pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query,regards