Sperm, pregnancy cocaine I did some cocaine last weekend and

Patient: Sperm, pregnancy cocaine. I did some cocaine last weekend and my wife and me are trying to make a baby getting assisted help in a months time, is this all safe for the child?

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.Thank you for the query.Cocaine effects the sperm and passes the blood brain barrier. Th e man’s sperm effect the body chemistry and the babies development. Even if you have a normal baby if you continue to use cocaine, he/she might develop mental problems or addictions as an adult. It is best for you to quit cocaine consumption completely and then plan your baby.But if you really want to plan this month, make sure there is a gap of at least 5 days between cocaine consumption and sexual intercourse.Hope this helps,Take care,Regards.

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Patient: I do not use cocaine regularly, and will not use it again. Is it then safe then to try to make a baby in one month from now, when I did cocaine last weekend. I will not continue with it. Please respond.

Doctor: Yes, it would be safe.