Sperm Test Analysis

Patient: Below is my Semen analysis, can you please help me in finding out what is wrong and how it can be cured and rectified, so that I can be a father. Please help Liquification Time: 20 mts Quantity:4.5 ml Total Sperm Count: 10.4 millions per ml R.B.C.s: Nil Pus cells: 1-2 hpf Active Motile: Nil Sluggish Motile: 20 percent Non Motile: 80 percent Morphology (Normal):70 percent Morphology (Abnormal):30 percent

Doctor: Your distress is understandable. Several attributes of semen are analyzed to determine male fertility. These attributes are volume, sperm count, motility, morphology (anatomy of the sperm cell) among others. The World Health Organization states that 15 million sperm cells per milliliter is the lower limit of normal. Your count is 10.2 million per milliliter. Your results also show that you do not have any actively motile sperm. Unfortunately, these results suggest reduced fertility. However, they do not rule out your ability to father children. There are other methods of conceiving such as  in-vitro fertilization. You should speak with your doctor about this.