Spiderweb-like veins on penis and irritation

Patient: Hello doctors(s). I’m 23 years old, and over the past few months spiderweb-like veins have appeared around my foreskin. Two of the veins which are the thickest are located underneath my head and still remain even after I am flaccid. They are very irritating and masturbation has been impossible and when I did, it resulted in pain. Ever since these veins have appeared, my ability to maintain an erection has dropped, and the length of my erection has decreased tremendously. The erection I do receive feels tight and slightly painful the veins increase in size and are more painful; it’s almost as if a balloon would burst. The tip of my penis barely increases in size when I am erect as well, although the rest of the penis is hard and tight. I thought this issue at first could have been inflammation, but I haven’t masturbated in over two months and nothing has changed at all. I’ve tried applying ice, but that didn’t help. It could be an infection, as the tip of my foreskin looks swollen and is sometimes itchy. Besides that, peeing and other activities have been painless. It looks as though the foreskin is absorbing all of the blood into the veins and preventing it from accessing the penis itself. I haven’t had an issue with pulling back my foreskin and I keep my foreskin clean. It won’t be until next month when I am able to see a doctor, but the irritation is unbearable. Thank you for accepting my question.

Symptoms: Spiderweb-like veins on foreskin, erection size reduced, inability to keep erection, itchy foreskin, tight erection, tiny head during erection, swollen foreskin, can’t achieve full erection because of veins.

Doctor: The venous engorgements may be varicosities of the veins and it is difficult to predict the diagnosis without getting ac cess to examine you. Normally the condition is painless, but ligature may be needed in some for erection problems. Please see your urologist.