Spinal MRI findings

Patient: I was wondering how serious the results of my spinal MRI are. i have T11-T12anterior disk protusion endplate osteophyte complex. loss of anterior intervertaberal disk height. deformity to the inferior endplate of t11 and superior endplate t12. a 1mm central posterior disk protusion with left paracentral extension abutting thecal sac L2-L5 1mm central posterior disk protusion abutting the thecal sac L5-S1 2mm central posterior disk protusion with bilateral paracentral extension abutting the thecal sac

Doctor: Most likely those findings are due to your physical activity as Professional dancer, which put stress on the bones of y your spine. In the case that you are experiencing symptoms like: leg weakness, changes in sensation, radiated pain from the back to the legs, lower back pain, and muscle tightness along with these MRI findings you will need to consult a Spine Doctor in order to explore the best treatment options for you. If you are not experiencing symptoms you should just practice more strengthening and stretching exercises and try to avoid hyperextension of the back, weight lifting and modify your activities so you do not put a lot of stress in your back, in the view that you know now that you have certain degenerative bone changes in your spine that may become symptomatic.