Spinal MRI showing mild lumbar facet disease

Patient: Having spinal,upper back pain and sometime neck pain after a fall. Had an MRI done and findings were normal except for a mild lumbar facet disease (what ever this means) but, a in pain if sit upright to long or long standing periods what could be the problem. Seeing a workers comp. doctor that isn’t helping should I seek a second opinon

Doctor: Basically the conservative treatment of the Lumbar Facet Arthropathy, when gets symptomatic, meaning low back pain: is Physical Therapy aimed to recondition and stabilize the lumbar spine by re-educating and teaching you a daily stretching routine for the lumbar area, strengthening of abdominal muscles, and other important general recommendations as follows: sleeping with a pillow between the knees lying on the side, avoid activities that place additional strain on the lumbar spine (example: weight lifting). All of the above, with the objective to keep you as far as possible from episodes of acute low back pain, and also to preserve your quality of life.Changes in your lifestyle are a must, like diet and exercise are crucial to improving back pain by controlling weight .Physical therapy is important for nearly everyone with disk disease. Therapists will tell you how to properly lift, dress, walk, and perform other activities. They will work on strengthening the muscles that help support the spine.