Spinal pain 2 years after pre sacral tumor removed

Patient: 2 years ago I had a benign pre-sacral tumor removed. I can’t remember the medical name of it, but I know it included teteroma. It was about the size of a lemon. And there was a neurological doctor present because it was so close to and possibly attached to my spinal nerves. After my follow up MRI, I was told that they may have missed a couple tiny slivers but it looked like they got it all and it shouldn’t come back.Lately, starting about 2 weeks ago I have had a pain in my middle back, right along my bra strap and on my spine. It seems like it’s getting worse over time. I didn’t hurt myself that I can think of. And the pain doesn’t feel like an injured back. It feels more like a bruise and a throbbing wound. But, there are no soars or bruises.I don’t want to be a hypochondriac about this and I am wondering if I should contact my doctor or give it more time and see if it goes away?

Symptoms: Back pain on spine