Spinal problem, overweight and Acai Berry

Patient: For the past 9 years i’ve been in a wheelchair. I have a tumor in my neck inside my spinal cord. C1 – C6. Not much exercising available for me. In that time I’ve put on roughly 30 to 35 pounds. I just finished a colon cleanse called Pro Gold Cleanse but I don’t think it did anything. I also just started the Pure Acai Berry Suppliment. I’ve read a lot of articles on that berry that will enhance weight loss. I would like to know your opinion on the acai berry and can I take another colon cleansing product while taking the acai berry? Was the cleanse not suppose to make me go regularly? It feels like I’m constapated. Any suggestions? And any ideas on how to lose this extra 35 pounds? My stomach looks like a huge beach ball and my chest grew a few sizes! This is not good and makes me quite miserable most days. Advice on all of this is really needed.

Doctor: The Acai berry is an  Amazonian fruit , which is a well known source of energy , fiber and can also help in inflammation n reduction.The current preparations offered in the market associate other herbs and substances with laxative properties to the Acai that are supposed to help with the “Colon Cleanse”.As I always say, “explore, try and decide” what works the best for you. Every time that you decide to try some of these herbal remedies, please make sure you read the label and see if you are not allergic to some of the components in those pills. And once more: no diet works without a balance nutritional regime, discipline and exercise.The exercise part is difficult for you due to your spinal problem, so you may benefit on getting a consultation with a nutritionist or dietitian who can customize a special nutritional regime for you to help you  in  keeping your weight under control and also improve the constipation.