Splenic Sequestration Sickle cell Thalessemia

Patient: How can Splenic Sequestration in Sickle cell beta Thalessemia patient 18yrs of age be treated without surgery ? As patient only experiences spleen crisis(Sequestration) on average once in three years .Is there any alternative to removal of the spleen as the crises is not a regular occurance?

Symptoms: Weakness ,fast heart rate, abdominal pain,dizzyness

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Splenic sequestration happens when damaged red blood cells get trapped in the spleen. Th e spleen gets inflamed and may not work well. This can cause bacterial infections and some dangerous situations.Symptoms of Splenic sequestration are:WeaknessRapid heart rateAbdominal painDizzinessRecurrent attacks of sequestration will require a splenectomy but a single attack may not need one. If the blood values drop, then the Doctor will transfuse blood. As far as possible, avoid too much strain like exercise or stress to prevent splenic sequestration. The blood cells in Sickle cell anemia tend to clump together in oxygen deficiency.Hope this helps you. All the best.