Sporadic Burning in Urethra for 8 months

Patient: Hello; For 8 months now I have been experiencing a burning in the urethra, it is very sporadic. Sometimes, I’m in agony for entire day or 2 with no relief but then I may not have any symptoms for weeks. I have undergone a cystoscopy, a pelvic MRI and several urine and blood tests but nothing has been discovered. I don’t feel any vaginal discomfort but should I see a gynecologist next? HELP!!

Doctor: I think you would benefit from a visit to your gynecologist. you seemed to have already done all the appropriate test to rule out a problem with the urinary system such as an infection, inflammation or tumor. Therefore the next step is to look at the adjacent organs which may mimic pain in the urethra. Specifically, the genitalia. A thorough examination and relevant test may be able to identify the problem.