Sport related injury to upper tibia

Patient: Hello! 2 weeks ago someone kneed me in my upper inner tibia. Inside of my right shin below the knee. I iced and elevated for two days and compressed it because it was in a lot of pain. I felt a small dent in my bone. I wasn’t sure if it was chipped or fractured so i waited it out. It has been two weeks now, I am able to function without pain such as run, walk, and standing. Only thing is when I jump and land hard there is slight discomfort in the area of impact. Also, I feel discomfort and slight pain when i push on or rub the area of impact. Should i be concerned or seek medical attention?

Symptoms: Discomfort and some pain in inner upper part of tibia. no swelling seems to be present

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query to for an opinion.It is evident from the history that you experienced a sports injury over your right shin injury 2 weeks back which left a dent over the are of impact. Ideally you should have opted for an X-ray knee and lower leg after injury itself to rule out any hairline fracture or periosteal injury , but the mode of treatment in either case would have been immobility and pain relief . You , as mentioned, have iced the local area and pain has been relieved , with no difficulty in walking and in doing daily activities within 2 weeks. This indicate that it was not a fracture but a blunt contusion over the tibia ,which has healed in last 2 weeks.But , still it is always advisable to get an x ray done in either case, to confirmatively rule out any fracture and also to learn the nature of healing which has adverted following injury in last 2 weeks. You should ideally still avoid heavy exercises and thumping over ground for another 3 weeks to allow complete healing of the lesion.I hope i have answered your concerns in detail,Wishing you good health and speedy recovery,Regards