Sports related back pain

Patient: How common is lower back pain in athletes? What is the most common treatment for athletes that do suffer and how long would it take for this to go into effect? Also, I am asking these questions for an ‘interview’ I need to do on a doctor in my sports medicine class. The response will be used in my final assignment.

Symptoms: Back pain

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on ATD.Low back pain is common in athletes who require doing repetitive flexion, e xtension and rotation of hip joint. Gymnastic, power lifting, football etc are such games.Before thinking of treatment; it is required to have the diagnosis first. It can be muscle sprain, lumbar spondylosis or prolapsed intervertebral disc.Minor ailments like muscle sprain are taken care by bed rest, physiotherapy and muscular strengthening. But problems like prolapsed intervertebral disc may require medical and surgical management.How long one should wait before resuming game depends upon the severity and recovery pattern which differs case to case.However treatment should be continued till person have full range of pain free activity.