Spots of fat.

Patient: Hi, I’m 17 years old and about a year and a half ago lost 11kg. Since then I’ve seemed to have kept working out, but not lost any more fat. My weight has gone up when i’ve grown, and when i’ve worked out i’ve lost KG, butnot actual fat. I’ve still got stored fat in parts of my body, for example… I have no fat on my ribcage, but love handles and man boobs ( not gyno, I got checked and they said it was just fat ). I’m wondering if I’ll grow out of it at 18? Or what? I’m not overweight and I’m considered skinny, but yeah, just have those spots of fat. Any ideas and anyway I can be helped? For the record, my ‘man boobs’ are fatty, but i can tense them and they are hard, just have a little bit of extra fat towards the front but can appear muscular, I’ve had the doctor tell me he would not see me as someone with any severe case of gyno or boobs, but just a small ammount of fat.I’ve triedConsistent working out..High Protein low carb diets..I have a good diet as it is…I have in the past 3 weeks started walking 5k per day…I have been tested and told I have good metabolism..I had my testosterone and Estrogen levels tested and they’re completely normal, my testosterone levels are actually quite good.So I have no idea? Can someone please help me, It’d be greatly appreciated.