Spots torso and facial area

Patient: Hello my name is lee im 20 years old and for probably about 6 years now iv had this problem, i thought it may be something to with pubity but its still just not clearing up if anything its gotten worse. I keep getting spots small/large/painful/sore and also blackheads all around my chest,back and shoulder areas also they are appearing on my face and neck. i shower twice a day once in the morning and once before bed at night i have tried all kinds of things like changing my washing powder, using different types of shower gels/shampoos/deodorants and soaps yet nothing seems to work. its really starting to get to me as when i look at myself its a depressing sight and making me really self conscious, i just want them gone as it would make my life allot more pleasant please help me. thank you lee.

Symptoms: large sore spots on back/shoulders/chest/neck/face

Doctor: You are suffering from Acne vulgaris. Do not panic or get depressed, it can be managed easily by oral antibiotics and to pical application of ointments and astringent lotions prescribed by a Dermatologist. It’ll take about 6-8 weeks for any noticeable difference in your appearance, so be patient and be regular with your therapy.