Spotting a weird color/Ovarian cysts?

Patient: I started my period on the 24th of last month and it ended on the 1st of this month. i do have a history of ovarian cysts and I’ve had one rupture a couple years ago. They were not normal cysts (I forgot what it was called) but they actually grow on the inside of my ovaries; not on the outside. I’m used to the pain that comes with my menstrual cycle but I have never had spotting after my period; ever. The color is almost a dark brown and is also causing my a lot of mid-abdominal pain. I’m 18 and sexual active as well. I do have protected and “un-protected” sex. My question is, “why am I suddenly spotting?” ” is there anything I should worry about?”

Symptoms: Spotting a dark brownish blood, sharp pain in my mid and lower abdominal, trouble passing a bowel movement, fatigue.