Spotting during cycle after more than a year taking BC pills

Patient: Hello my girlfriend is taking the birth control pill and has not missed a day, taking it perfectly at the same time each day, shes also not taking any extra medication that could reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Also, she did not vomit or had diaharrea. We also did not have any problems for the past year or so (since when she started taking the pill). This cycle, we decided to have unprotected sex, and i ejaculed inside her since a long time ago (we have done that in the past, but i decided not to, to prevent) we had sex 4 days ago and there’s left something like 10 pills to the end of the cycle, but she told me she had some spotting at the previous night and some unconfortable abdominal pain (nothing too serious, just sensitive and unconfortable as she described) on that day. The spotting stopped a couple hours later, but today, during the day, she had again the spotting, she said it looks like a menstruation, but its not since there’s still about 10 pills to go… She has been for more than a year on the pill and never got this side effect, i heard it is common in the first 3 months, but i don’t know what it is when it happens an extended time later, what is happening? Is she pregnant? Is it common? is it something i should worry about? I dont trust the internet a lot that’s why i need an expert call.

Symptoms: Spotting, sensitiveness and unconfortable abdominal feel

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As your girl friend used oc pills as per the schedule, the pos sibility of pregnancy is less.The spotting and pain can be due to postcoital abrasions or breakthrough bleeding of the pills or due to local causes like cervical erosion, polyp etc.Contraceptive pills can lead to breakthrough bleeding after many months of using also.Minor things like stress and strain, lifestyle modifications, weight changes etc can also affect hormonal levels.Usually minor spotting and pain abdomen can subside soon without need of medication.If you want to rule out the possibility of pregnancy, please go for urine pregnancy test after three weeks of intercourse.Take care.