Spotting during pregnancy.

Patient: About 3 days ago it was confirmed by a doctor that I’m a little over 4 weeks pregnant, I was spotting before I went to the doctor and am still spotting. It’s been about a week in total. I told the doctor about it but she said don’t worry about it. I’m just getting worried because I’m having cramping too. What do you think?

Doctor: Spotting in early pregnancy, usually between 4th-5th gestational weeks is quiet normal. It occurs due to implantation of fetus into uterus. It is associated with cramp like pains too. So don’t worry, as it is a normal event. Be cautious if heavy bleeding occurs for more than 1 week and consult your gynecologist at the earliest.

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Guest: I’m twelve weeks highly stressed started spotting bright red turned brownish trying to relax but I’m scaring myself should I go to the hospital we tried for a year to get pregnant I really want this baby