Spotting, Light Bleeding, taking Fluconazole and Macrobid

Patient: I saw a doctor on Friday, June 19th because I felt I had a yeast infection. My doctor prescribed me a dose of fluconazole. I took it that day as a precaution. On Monday, June 22, my test results came back and I had a yeast infection as well as a UTI. So my doctor prescribed me Macrobid, twice a day for 7 days, as well as another dose of fluconazole so i don’t develop another yeast infection from taking the antibiotic on tuesday, June 22, which i started taking right away (the macrobid). However, from June 22-25 I believed I had my period, it was very light and only filled a light tampon if I had it in for more than 5 hours. On friday, june 26, there was some brown discharge, very little, and it went away. So I figured I finished my period, I usually tend to get it for about 5 days anyway, within the last two weeks of each month. That day, I took the second dose of fluconazole, and this sunday, june 28th, my boyfriend and i began having sex and i started bleeding a little, it was medium dark red and i thought maybe some lining was ruffled and torn because its happened before. I put in a tampon for the rest of the evening and before bed i removed it, and there was just minor brown, dried blood. Today, there was spotting on and off and now I’m bleeding on and off the medium dark red. After i wipe, its like nothing happened and it’s brown. Is this a side effect of the medications? stress? torn lining? I tested negative for STIs. Could it be my period? Pregnant?

Symptoms: Spotting, light/medium dark bleeding, more frequent urination (2-3 hours)