Spotting started last 2-3days and started spotting today

Patient: Been ttc since dec. last period was feb25th and lasted about 5-7 days. O’vd on 10-11th of March period came on 29th but wasn’t normal. Light red and watery liquid. On 29th(day I started spotting) went to ER for chest pains(turned out to b pleurisy) got a steroid shot sent home wit antibiotics and later that night is when spotting started last 2-3days and started spotting today(light pink/brown)not even for a hour jus when I wiped. Could I b pregnant?

Symptoms: Sore/tender breast, fatigue, nausea, spotting pinkish brown discharge for not even an hour, frequent trips to bathroom

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Go for a home pregnancy test which will let you know if you are pregnant or not as your sympt oms look positive for a pregnancy. Otherwise see the doctor who will do a scan to ascertain the reason for the underlying cause.Hope that answers your query. Have a Good day.