Sprained Ankle – Degree of sprain and specific questions

Patient: Hi, I’d like to inquire about an ankle sprain and could use some advice. My roommate missed a hole in the ground while running and sprained her ankle, her foot fell outwards. Afterwards, she could not put any weight on it whatsoever and struggled to even stand up. It is extremely painful and painkillers do not work. According to her, her entire arch is in pain and her shin and calf is quite swollen. Could you recommend a treatment as she does not wish to go to the hospital. She has already elevated her leg, wrapped it for support and iced it. I feel like it is at a third degree of ankle sprain but I’m confused as to the reason why her arch and calf is so painful. Are there any signs of fracture or hairline fracture I should watch out for?

Symptoms: Symptoms: swelling in calf, sprain, pain, swelling in last two toes and ankle area, inability to place weight on entire foot, inability to walk without help of a wheelchair