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Sprained Ankle that NEEDS to heal asap.

Patient: I fell long-boarding today and hurt my ankle. It is pretty swollen and while i can walk on it, it is very painful and I don’t not have a full range of motion. I am a goalie and we have the national hockey championships in 36 hours. What can i do to help this heal in time? I have used ice and compression and also tried to keep it elevated a bit, though this was hard with my schedule. Not playing is not an option as our team has invested thousands of dollars into this trip and I am the only goalie on the team. What can i do to help this heal and how can I protect it so that I can play on it?



Symptoms: Swollen ankle



Doctor: Thank you for choosing ATD to answer your query.It will help if you can send us a picture of the ankle and point to where the injury is exactly. Assuming that you have it on the outside in the ankle, it is likely that you have a 1st to 2nd degree tear of the ankle joint.This is the outer part of the ankle. I think the best and only thing you need to do is stop everything and rest your ankle completely. Do not attempt to walk at all and get crutches if you must walk.Keep lying down and raise the leg to reduce the swelling as quickly as possible. Talk to a Local Doctor and see if you can get injections of Paracetamol or Ibuprofen into the affected area but do this very carefully. Ice the area for 15 mins at a time every hour and massage it gently to reduce the swelling.You should ideally keep icing the ankle for 36 hours and a total of 36 times. This should help you. After you ice the leg, tie it tightly with a crepe bandage to reduce the swelling. Ensure that you still have blood supply to your toes and can’t feel them. You may release the bandage if it is too tight and re-tie it again.When you are about to start playing 36 hours later, please put on a tight binding ankle sleeve and tie it tightly to prevent the pain to affect you too much. The pain should be less and you might be able to skate to some extent. However, I should warn you that you risk damaging your ankle further if you are in severe pain or you sprain the ankle again.Consider finding an extra goalie just to be on the safe side. Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to your reply.You can upload images to an image sharing site and then share the links here or email us.

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Patient: Please see the images and share your opinion.

Doctor: Thank you for sending the images to us.
I have looked at the swelling and it is very difficult to reduce that amount of swelling in less than 2 days. You can try taking steroid shots but this is very risky. I think the best thing you can do is to see a Sports Doctor. He will help you with the next best therapy.
Also, please try to find a goalie reserve in case the pain gets bad and do not try to play through it as you may aggravate it to something serious. Wishing you the best.


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