Sprained Knee – Increased pain since diagnosis

Patient: Hello, I recently hyper-extended my knee playing lacrosse last Wednesday. My coach made me go to emergency to get it looked at and the doctor had diagnosed me with a regular knee sprain and xrays showed no damage to any ligaments. The doctor said i should take 1-2 weeks off lacrosse. Last Sunday I hyper-extended my knee again. I still cant put much weight on my knee or the pain is really bad. Also I have lots of pain running from the backside of my knee down into the back of the calf since I hyper-extended it again. Is it possible i may have damaged a ligament and should i get it looked at right away? Thanks a lot, Dan Gunton

Doctor: Since your injury occured on an already injured knee, it hasnt had much time to heal. I would advice you to see a physic ian in person to rule out another ligament injury or a meniscal injury which are common injuries in theknee. While the pain may subside over time you still need to rule out any major damage to the joint. All the best.