Sprained right ankle multiple times

Patient: Okay,I had sprained my lateral ligament in my right ankle, I have done it before and the swlling usually went away after a day or twonow the swelling hasnt gone away in over three weeks, I cant run nor even walk quickly, I tried ice letting rest, different exercises and havent gotten any progress yet, what else is their to do that will get me back on my feet faster and stronger?

Doctor: From all the ankle injuries, the sprains are the most common. Ankle sprains are classified in 3 grades as follows: Grade I: mild degree of swelling and stretch has occurred to the ligaments. Weight bearing is possible. Grade II: moderate swelling and an incomplete tearing of ligaments, also mild instability may be present and also pain with weight bearing. Grade III: severe swelling and pain, complete rupture of at least 1 ligament, there is remarkable instability. You can apply ice and lift the affected limb to control the pain and swelling. Physical therapy is recommended for sprains grade II and III for 2-3 months. Most likely you had a severe sprain and sometimes those can take longer than expected to heal. A combination of protection, relative rest, ice, compression, elevation, and support is used. Also the anti-inflammatory medication (“Aleve”, “motrin”) help in reducing swelling and pain. Also avoid activities that produce pain or discomfort. Wear proper shoes for every activity. Always wear stable shoes that give your ankle proper support. High-top basketball shoes are a good choice.