Spring Allegries ruining my daily life, how long to settle?

Patient: I have been having pressure in my head/ears for 2 weeks which makes me,tired, dizzy and then anxious, leading to panic attacks….is normal due to spring allergies and how long will it take to settle?

Symptoms: feeling of pressure in both ears, especially left, tiredness, leading to anxiousness

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from allergic rhinosinusitis with pressure changes in the middle ear. This can be quite distres sing if not managed effectively and early. Get yourself evaluated by an Allergy Specialist. He would advise some Allergy Tests (Dermal Sensitivity Tests) to identify the cause of your allergy. You may show sensitivity to one or more environmental agents like pollens. Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (pre-seasonal or co-seasonal) could then be planned, to induce desensitization or tolerance in your body for such allergens. The duration of such therapy varies from patient to patient, depending upon the clinical response. This facility may not be available at all the Centers and based on your test results (sensitivity pattern) Immunotherapy may or may not apply to you. Since, Immunotherapy is not recommended to polysensitized individuals (sensitive to many allergens). However, effective symptomatic management is possible with appropriate therapy. So, consult an Allergy Specialist at the earliest. TC!

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Patient: Thanks! saw a doctor shortly after posting my question and he said my ears were pretty full of catarrh and perscribed me a decongestant and a glass of wine! he reckons that when my ears settle then i will settle. also getting my eyes tested to rule out any problems there and will look into getting an allergy test. Thanks again