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Spring time allergies plus itchy skin

Patient: Just like everyone else during the spring weather I get the itchy eyes and runny nose, but for the past year now I have been getting itchy skin as well. Do I continue to take allergy medicine and putting on moisturizing lout ion or is there more I need to do?


Symptoms: Itchy skin, runny nose,sneezing, and itchy eyes

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from Seasonal Allergic Rhino-conjunctivitis. This is due to exposure to seasonal allergens. You need to see an Allergist at the earliest possible. There are diagnostic skin tests available for identifying the cause of allergy in patients of all ages. These are simplified tests that are conducted on the forearms or back, using a panel of allergen extracts (environmental panel in your case). With the modified prick method these tests are now painless and can be conducted in a shorter period of time. They are also safe and can be conducted on children. Once the pattern of sensitivity is assessed, specific allergy therapy (pre-seasonal or co-seasonal immunotherapy, if required) may be initiated to help you overcome your current discomfort and also to prevent from further complications like Asthma from developing. In the mean while, you are advised to continue with your anti-allergic therapy under your doctors supervision to control your symptoms.


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