Squeezing aching pain in upper left middle back pain hurts

Patient: Squeezing aching pain in upper left middle back pain hurts when I breathe in. Also when working out or sometimes nothing

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.This could be an exercise-induced intolerance, causing asthma or difficult breathing. T here will be tightness in the chest and back as well. However, the other causes like gastritis, COPD, angina, etc need to be ruled out. Avoid exercising until you see a doctor.Kindly consult a physician for an examination and tests like ECG AND ECHO. Pulmonary function tests to rule out obstructive and other airway disease needs to be done.Avoid oily and spicy food. Make sure you drink plenty of water daily.Avoid stress, smoking and alcohol too.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Thank you very much! I also get tightness in my throat constantly like I’m being choked and it happens after I eat,exercise, and especially when I smell fragrances or chemicals. Sleep helps and drinking honey lemon water its also gets dry and itchy.

Patient: My doctor said I have induced asthma I have an inhaler but can I have COPD I’m only 17 years old? I don’t think I have angina but I don’t know about gastritis but thank you for helping me.