Sraeted off feeling short of breath and bloated Constantly b

Patient: Sraeted off feeling short of breath and bloated. Constantly burping and passing gas. I’ve been put in a diet where I have to drink a full cup of prune juice a day and I’m not going to lie I’ve been eating a lot or spicey and acidic foods. Could this just be my acid reflux flaring up again? I took a few tums and a Zantac and I’m feeling quite a bit better.

Doctor: Hellothank you for posting your query to ATDBurping and bloating suggests there is a gas formation in stomach aft er you eat or drink. Drinking aerated drinks and high sugar containing drinks may lead to burping. Certain food items also cause gas formation and it differs person to person.The persons with poor power to digest food (due to lack of digestive enzymes) have this problem of burping and bloating.Esophagitis, Gastroesophageal reflux syndrome (GERD), Hiatus hernia (hernia in diaphragm), Cholecystitis (Infection of gall bladder), pancreatitis may cause similar symptomsYou are advised to consult your doctor who will examine you and carry out investigations like USG, upper GI endoscopy rule out cause of such symptoms.Doctor may prescribe you good quality antiemetic and antacids and digestive enzymes.Wish you a good health.