Started exercising and now cold and mucus in my mouth

Patient: Hey , my BMI is 25.5, so started exercising few months back but , i got sick after 3-4 days , i am getting cold and mucus come out of my mouth and nose , i ignored the same and went to the gym but i got chest infection . last week i again went to gym everything was perfect for 5 days then the same mucus problem occured with slight cough, i need to get rid of this problem please help me out !!!

Symptoms: slight cough , cold. mucus from mouth and nose

Doctor: There is no relation between exercise and chest infection as you are thinking. Rather, exercise will increase the tolera nce and resistance to infection. It could be because of viral Infection that you are getting recurrent mucus and respiratory problems. Consult your GP for correct treatment. Have a nice day.