Started w/ knee pain/stiffness, then constipation, spreading

Patient: Started w/ knee pain/stiffness, then constipation, spreading numbness in hands lower lip and upper thighs. now hands are cold

Symptoms: Any ideas

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The symptoms you have mentioned do not really conform to any particular diagnosis and are unrelated.The numbness can be because of vitamin b12 deficiency which is very common, and is reversible. Hands can be cold because of some circulatory insufficiency, and needs further investigations.For how long have you been having the knee pain and stiffness? In viral illnesses, at times there can be joint stiffness along with fever and possible numbness. Did you have any fever recently or history of outside travel?Is the constipation recently induced or you have suffered from previous episodes?I will advise you to get a set of investigations done including CBC, LFT, RFT with serum electrolytes, ESR, CRP, Urine routine, and get back to me. This will help us in proceeding further with the management.Feel free to discuss further.