Starting Birth Control One Day Late

Patient: I did not get to take my pill until Monday so I started the pill one day late. I had sex on the following Sunday (day 7 of pill pack). I had taken 6 pills and the 7th pill before I had sex. Am I at risk for getting pregnant

Doctor: I realize your concern about pregnancy risk. I don’t think there is a big risk for you to get pregnant but the risk is n not zero (By day 7 though it is very low). In the future, try not to skip dates and comply with your pills. Oral contraceptives are a very reliable method of contraception if they are used properly.If this happens again, please use backup methods such as male or female contraceptives for the remainder of the month.  I would also use a back up method of contraception for the remainder of this cycle and only do a pregnancy test if your menses does not arriveAnother thing that you must do  whenever you skip on day of your pills, the next day take 2 pills, the one you have forgotten and the one you are supposed to take in that day.I wish you the best.