Starting your first pack a day late after you’ve recently taken emergency contraception?

Patient: Hello I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me (preferably a doctor or nurse). I wanted to start taking birth control and my period began today (Saturday). I know that you are supposed to start either the first day of your period or the the first Sunday after or during your period (whichever pertains to you). But I wont be able to see my doctor until Monday. My doctor said that starting a day late makes no difference but I just wanted to make sure and get a second opinion. I don’t want to risk getting pregnant. Will I still be protected after 7 days like others who start on the first Sunday or the first day of their period? Can I just take both Sunday’s and Mondays pill on Monday and be on track and protected with in 7 days?Also I recently took the morning after pill which caused my cycle to change and my period to come early. And again this being said I have the same questions: Does this change how the pill will work for me? Will this effect me being protected after 7 days?