Status post vsd closure and aortic valve repair

Patient: Hello,my son is 5 years old 105cm height , 15 kg weight, had surgical closure of perimembrance VSD with aortic valve repair due to prolapsed right coronary cusp with moderate aortic regurgitation since 2 months , preoperatievly the cardiac function was normal LVESD 2.6 and LVEDD was 4 and the EF was normal …post operatively he had the following but he is a symptomatic:1- his appetite as will as weight did not improve2-echo finding shows :normal dimensions LVESD 2.5 , LVEDD 3.6 but impaired function with paradoxical septal motion , trivial aortic regurgitation.he is on ACEI and Aldactoneiam just wondering1- is this ok as regard for his appetite and wight which i expect to be improve after surgery2- is the echo finding is accepted post operative, as regard to myocardial dysfunction is reversible as the told me , what about the paradoxical septal motion is it reversible and is it harmful , and the most important to me is the trivial aortic regurgitation will progress over time or it will be fixed as we close the cause which is the VSDmany many thanks for your time