Patient: My friends boyfriend has two stds but she only got one how is this possible and who could have gave the std?

Doctor: Depending on the STD, a person may be able to spread the infection if no signs of disease are present. For example, a pe rson is much more likely to spread herpes infection when blisters are present (STD) than when they are absent (STI). However, a person can spread HIV infection (STI) at any time, even if he/she has not developed symptoms of AIDS (STD).Also her immune system also plays an important role in transmission of STD’s and hygiene after having sexual contact. There are many factors that could influence in her ability to get an STD, I can’t tell you who gave her the STD, any of her sexual partner(s) could have gave her the conditions.I would suggest both of them to get treated for the particular STD’s and practice safe sex in the future.