STD, candida, or something else?

Patient: I had sexual intercourse with a new partner and shortly thereafter experienced tingling at the head of my penis ( felt like a foreign object was in there) shortly thereafter a clear discharge started. I was tested for STD’s and they came back negative. (they didn’t test for trichomoniasis). Saw my general practitioner and he took a urine sample and prescribed Azithromycin (4 pills over 2 days) after learning of the new partner. The Azithromycin immediately gave me diarrhea, and not reading the label, I took Malox. A week later nothing was better and he prescribed metronidazole for a week when he learned they didn’t test for trich. Things only got slightly better then symptom returned. I’ve had no rashes or sores and the discharge stopped shortly after I started the metronidazole. Things were 90% better and then over the course of a few days the sensation was back. The sensation makes me want to urinate all the time. Urine looks normal and it feels much better during and after urination. Went back to doctor and told him about taking a lot of Malox after starting the first dose of Azithromycin . He discounted that the malox negated the Azithromycin but represcribed both the metronidazole and Azithromycin simultaneously. Note that I get every side effect of metronidazole, so I can’t say how things got better during treatment. After the week of metronidazole, I was 95% better, having only a very slight tingling that I attributed to possibly healing after having trich or chlamydia. The very slight tingling occurred for two weeks and I attributed that to being more self-aware. I retested for STD’s (again no trich test) and again no positive results. Now three weeks after last metronidazole dose I have full tingling sensation back, although its not nearly as consistent during the day (sometimes none to worst ever in the evening and back to nearly none by morning) My one-time partner refuses to get examined as she says she’s okay, however she does have bleeding inbetween menstural periods as the only thing she’s mentioned, but she thinks that’s menopausal related We no longer communicate. Again, I have no discharge I can detect but since the tingling station makes me pee 30 times a day, even when I don’t need to, because it temporarily relieves the tingling. I’ve never had any rash or swelling or sores. Now I feel a slight abdominal pain. Doctor has made appointment with urologist, but that’s 9 days from now and I get 10% worse per day. My recent use of Azithromycin — twice and my diet which is everything you should avoid to reduce Candida has me wondering what’s wrong and should I seek out another doctor. At the last visit, I directly asked what the urine sample tested for and he said it wasn’t tested, and he treated for STD’s chlamydia and then trich and then both simultaneously based solely on the information and timing with a new sexual partner. I have only had the one encounter in 4 years and that was in December. Aargh!

Symptoms: Tingling at the head on penis that makes me want to urinate to feel better. Tip of penis feels like its being touched by an ice cube. Yesterday had genital area burning sensation for 5 hours, that is gone now. No rashes, discoloration, swelling etc. none at all urine normal no discharge I can see.