STD from specific actions

Patient: Hello, I would like to know what are the STDs (especially HIV, HPV, and herpes) that I can contract doing the following actions; 1- kissing partners body skin (not genitals or mouth). Assuming there are no cut wounds or sores. 2- using one’s hand to stimulate the partner genitals. only the hands. Assuming there are no cuts. Assuming I don’t touch anything else unless I wash my hands thanks

Doctor: Common STD’s like gonorrhea , syphillis , HPV ,HIV and Herpes, as the name suggest are sexually transmitted diseases whi ich need a sexual contact and for that matter the entry of the disease causing virus in the body by needle pricks , infected blood transfusions and from mother to child during  birth.The disease donot spread from kissing or sharing clothes and utensils with the partner.