STD help – Encounter with a stranger

Patient: What chances of STD (HIV, Hepa, etc.) will I have if I did the following during an encounter with a stranger:1) The guy gave me a handjob.2) Held the guy’s penis and also held mine with the same hand after.3) We rubbed each other’s cocks. His cock was kinda smooth though, didn’t notice any warts or something.4) He kissed my neck and nipples. Didn’t kiss him on the lips though.5) He fondled my anus with his fingers, but didn’t finger me.

Symptoms: None so far

Doctor: Thanks for your question.Let us understand the basic fact that for a successful transmission, HIV requires a prolonge d and direct contact with or transfer of the bodily fluids(blood/semen/vaginal fluids/human milk) of infected persons.Realistically speaking, hand job/ mutual holding the organs/ rubbing the genitals /kissing over the nipples or lips superficially / fondling the genitals are zero risk activities for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). There would only be a risk of infection if someone had a discharge on their hands (for example the discharge from Gonorrhea), or if they had serous fluid (for example the fluid from a herpes lesion) on their hands. But if a person did not have any of these fluids on their hands, then there would not be a risk of infection. Likewise, if a person had such a small amount of these fluids on their hands that you did not even notice anything, then there would also not be any significant risk of infection.Hope this helps.