Std or hiv?

Patient: How do i know if i have any std or anything last time i had sex i wore a random and he told me that he was safe or hiv

Doctor: Thanks for your question. There are certain basic facts . HIV can’t be diagnosed alone by symptoms and the symptoms have to be substantiated by HIV tests and that too only after being tested positive as per protocol of the country of residence . No body’s statement about HIV status should not be accepted on its face value, HIV can only be confirmed by HIV test.The risk in having unprotected sex with an infected person remains to the tune of 0.1 -1 % depending upon the mode of sex(anal/vaginal/oral) . If you wore a condom which did not slip or break then your risk of HIV is negligible but there could be some STDs like HPV can be spread even on protection through skin contact.Hope this helps.