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STD or potential gluten rash I have celiacs and have

Patient: STD or potential gluten rash. I have celiacs and have had a recurrence as if late.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and incomplete.Please give full details so that I can assist you the best .-Where is the rash?-What are the symptoms you have pertaining to Celiac/ Gluten or STD?-Any history of risky sexual behavior?Please give full and detailed history.Awaiting,



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Patient: Hey yes thank you. No history of risky sexual behavior, alough I am sexually active. There is no pain, blisteeing or anything like that. I’ll send a picture.

Patient: No ulcers either, wanted to clarify that.

Patient: I also have fordyce spots at that location, I should inform you of that.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback and the picture.
This looks to be one of the following:
Posthitis, meaning inflammation of the under-surface of prepucial skin, can be preset with balanitis meaning the similar affection of the glans too. This can happen if there is some gap in sexual activity allowing the change of normal bacterial flora and then the unprotected sex with the same partner can cause this. The treatment then is simple:
Clean the part with plain water, make it dry and apply solution povidone iodine.
Avoid hot and humid area.
loose underwear and pants.
Antibiotic and metronidazole orally to be taken by both the partners and no sex till cured. Needs a valid prescription of your Doctor.
Another rare causes can be:
Allergy to condom if you are using one.
The picture does not fit into any of the known STDs.
Does not look to be due to gluten rash unless it is also present elsewhere on the body.
I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

Patient: Thank you so much, I appreciate it. What I saw didn’t appear to be any STD. As best as I could come up with, it appeared to be some type of deematitis.

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation.
As explained above.
Take care.


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