Std or simple bodily reaction, what would it be

Patient: I have a sort if cyst or pimple on the head if my penis, under the foreskin. It doesn’t itch or burn or irritate in anyway at any time. There are also three,what look like pimples, on the dridge of my penis. Theyre small but dont itch or irritate me in any physical way, theyre somewhat hardenned or tough and wont really pop. I’m just hoping to get some suggestions as to what it is before I consult a local medical doctor

Symptoms: Non irritatant pimple like bumps on head if penis

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Doctor: It is quite normal for some men to have bumps on the shaft of the penis and/or at the base of the penis head. However, i t is important to keep in mind that various sexually transmitted diseases can cause changes to the appearance of your penis. That is why it is best to have them evaluated by a doctor to rule out any STD. A common type of STD that presents as small bumps and is sometimes mistaken for pimples is genital herpes. Herpes lesions can appear on the shaft of the penis as round blisters with clear fluid that sit on top of a red base. When the blisters break, they usually cause quite painful sores or have a burning sensation. Another common cause of pimple-like bumps on the penis is genital warts (HPV). They are transmitted sexually and usually painless but can be painful depending on the size and anatomic location.You can only be diagnosed after your doctor examines your bumps closely and gets a detailed history. After a physical examination, these STDs are typically confirmed with a swab test. If a STD has been ruled out, you probably don’t need to worry about your pimple-like bumps. The most common tiny bumps circling the neck or middle area of the penis that can either be white, pink, or sometimes red are known as pearly penile papules. They may also be another harmless condition known as Fordyce’s spots. These Fordyce’s spots usually appear as numerous small pale or white bumps under the skin. Or, they may be just pimples, which do occur from time to time on the penis. Again, I advise speaking with a doctor. Only your doctor can distinguish the different types of penis bumps. Only then you can be diagnosed and treated