STD vs bladder infection

Patient: My boyfriend went to the doctor for burning while urinating. They told him it could be a kidney stone (no ultrasound done) or an std chlamydia or gonorrhea. THey treated him for an std. I dont have symptoms and we are in a monogamous relationship. THey said they would call him in a few days with the results of the std test. We did have anal sex could it just be a bacterial infection? This makes no sence

Symptoms: Sore at tip of penis, burning painful urination for the male

Doctor: Hello,This is definitely a urinary tract infection which can be caused by either of the organism be it chlamydia, gon orrhea, e.coli or any other gm negative bacteria or anaerobes. As he had anal intercourse , the anal canal is an ocean of micro-organisms and he may have contracted the infection from there most likely. However it is important to get a urethral swab culture done to isolate the causative organism and then direct the treatment accordingly in form of antibiotics.This can be treated in a week and he has to increase his water intake in the meantime which shall help him to flush the infection sooner and yes sexual activity has to be avoided till he is completely cured. ‘I hope i have addressed your concerns ,wishing you good health,regards