STDs , HIV and High Risk Behaviors

Patient: I had oral sex from a prostitute, i was wearing a condom, but……. i fear my STD status because: she was playing with her vagina before putting the condom on for me, and her hands were slightly wet from lubrication and vaginal secretions while touching my penis head. During our session, the condom slipped off, so she took another one and put it on for me, and again her hands were wet. is there a possibility that i could have contracted HIV, AIDS or even herpes. HIV only shows up in a blood test only like 4 months after contraction. so i don’t want to keep myself in suspense. there were no cuts or bruises on my penis, but i fear the fact that her vaginal secretions could have moved from her hand to my penis head. please help

Doctor: HIV is transmitted when the virus enters the body, usually by injecting infected (needle stick) cells or semen. There ar e several possible ways in which the virus can enter: Most commonly, HIV infection is spread by having sex with an infected partner and the virus can enter the body through the lining of the vagina, vulva, penis, rectum, or mouth during sex. HIV frequently spreads among injection-drug users who share needles or syringes that are contaminated with blood from an infected person. Women can transmit HIV to their babies during pregnancy or birth, when infected maternal cells enter the baby’s circulation.  Nowadays is very rare that HIV spreads through transfusion of contaminated blood or blood components. Blood products are now tested to minimize this risk. If tissues or organs from an infected person are transplanted, the recipient may acquire HIV. Donors are now tested for HIV to minimize this risk.In your particular case, if you are not sure about the HIV status of your partner or if you are feeling very stressed out and worried, it is strongly recommended that you get tested. There is a test that can be done without using a needle. This test, called the OraQuick Rapid HIV Test for Oral Fluid, gives results in 20 minutes using saliva. This test can detect only HIV type 1 (HIV-1) antibodies. Also, a negative test result does not mean you are immune to HIV, always keep in mind that engaging in risky behaviors (having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person or sharing needles or syringes with an infected person) can transmit HIV.