Steven Johnson syndrome from vaccinations

Patient: Last year my son got Steven Johnsons syndrome after receiving the flu and hep a vaccines (for the second time). He was in PICU then sent to a children’s hospital. specialist and allergist said it definitely was caused by an ingredient in the vaccine and if he gets in contact with which ever drug caused it, the reaction will be way more severe. Now he is due for his polio, dtap, mmr vaccines. What should I do? I feel like his Dr. doesn’t want the blame he said you cant get it from vaccinations it was spontaneous when every other Dr who treated my son said otherwise. Now they act as though its not that serious, when I show concern the nurses looking at me like I’m a crazy mother. They have no concern with giving him another vaccination. I’m thinking of changing his pediatrician. Should I get him vaccinated or not? he’s 4 years old now.

Symptoms: Steven johnsons 1 year ago 4year old male