Still having symptoms after Revolix laser procedure on prostate

Patient: I am 59 year old male who is six weeks post-op from Revolix laser surgery on my prostate. I had high PSA tests and biopsies were negative for cancer. I had frequent urinations and bladder retention. My doctor advised for the Revolix. His staff told me that the recovery would take a week or two. Now I have urinary urgency (I need to stay near a toilet as I cannot hold back the flow once it is eminent, urinary frequency – 15 to 20 times a day with the average urination of two ounces and urinary burning – this is the only thing that has gotten better, started at 10 and now is a 5 on a scale of ten. When I sit for 20 minutes or longer and stand up I will get urgency. My doctor has prescribed Vesicare and Oxybutynin. Neither had any noticeable effect except the Vesicare increased the burning sensation. The doctor also prescribed Ciprofloxacin which I am half way through. My next appointment is in two and a half weeks. How long will it be before any semblance of normalcy returns?

Doctor: It is clear you have suffered a complication of your recent prostate surgery as you should have completely recovered by now. It is possible that an insufficient quantity of the prostate was removed. This would explain your increased urinary frequency and urgency. You will need to discuss this with your urologist as a repeat procedure may be required.